Global Poverty - Painting Exhibition in Athens

I visited a painting exhibition in Technopolis of Municipality of Athens 
and I would like to show you some of the nicest paintings I've seen.

Title: Untitled
Artist: Michailidou Anna
Materials: Oil on canvas
Size: 136x72cm.

Titles: Asian Yellow  - West
Artist: Stefopoulos Athanasios
Material: oil on canvas
Sizes: 150x150 cm.

Titles: 911 - Harmony
Artist: Aggelopoulou Maria
Material: Mixed technique
Sizes: 100x62cm - 97x82cm.

Title: Farmhouse
Artist: Soutoglou Evanthia
Material: oil on canvas
Size: 60x40cm


Peter Pascal said…
What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is
also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,

The image can be seen at who can supply you with a canvas print of it.
Dreamel said…
thank you so much!