Bosmat Niron

I went to Ithaca recently and I met Bosmat Niron.
Since 2002 Niron exhibits Internationally and gains recognition from the ministry of environmental protection, for her creations and especially from her outdoor sculptures which she establish around the country by using waist material and recycling that places with corporation with the ministry of environmental protection, Israel Electric Company and municipalities.
Bosmat participates in symposium and different projects and donates her work to the community.
Bosmat conducts projects that involve corporation with public institution and community by founding artist installation. Bosmat receives rewards and appreciation from personal and different municipality and was chosen as one of the 60 anniversary at the Department of Cultural Affairs Consulate General of Israel. Niron got recognition from Brooklyn Museum for her "Feminine Energy" at her work. Bosmat is using defferent material, and creates new life and continuity. Her work concludes with a survey of the artists iconic erotic paintings and sculptures for which she most famous. The essence of beauty in art in the quality of beauty in nature. Nature is beautiful because it reflects an idea. (Philosopher Plotinus). Niron represent Israel at the First International artist for Peace at Istanbul 2009. Niron is invited to Ithaca Greece by Dimitris Bogdanis Danis  and the department of culture of Israel sponcored Bosmat to her travel so will transform her method of eco-art with "LET'S MAKE IT PRECIOUS" Ithaca 2010.

Kids made with waist materials this tree inspired from "AVATAR" movie!

Local Artist shows some of their work!

A contest for the kids for the best bird with waist